Social Media New Features – October 2017

Social media is updating constantly. It is easy to feel out of the loop with all the new features that are added regularly. But not to worry! We have rounded up the top updates to social media platforms in the last month:


  • Instagram Stories rolled out a new feature that makes them more interactive! The new customizable Poll Stickers can be added to stories from the sticker section. This is a great opportunity for businesses to ask their customers questions and get real answers!
  • Stories also added some smaller features, like an alignment tool (hello, perfectionists 👋 ) and an eyedropper tool so that you can take colors from your images for your text or drawings.

  • You can now share a live stream with someone! All you have to do is start a live video and add someone who is watching the stream, and the screen will split into a shared live steam. Great for brand collaborations!


  • Groups on Facebook are a great way to connect with others in your industry. Groups have gotten some new features such as badges to help members get to know one another better and a Group Insights tool that offers tips like when to schedule posts.
  • Facebook Workplace has now added a chat desktop app and group video chat capabilities. Have you explored Facebook Workplace? We love Slack for our inner communications but would love to hear your opinions!
  • The new “Explore Feed” from Facebook is a discovery-focused feed giving you all the information on what’s trending now instead of just what your friends are posting/liking.


  • Twitter announces they are cracking down on the hate. The platform will be implementing aggressive new rules and policies that will work to eliminate threatening or hateful content. Go Twitter!
  • Twitter released a “Happening Now” feature that brings you to a category of tweets surrounding a specific topic or event. Starting with sports, you can use this feature to find scores, video clips, and commentary on the games that will make you feel like you’re there! Click here to see the demo Twitter posted.


  • LinkedIn rolled out a new feature for its messaging that intends to help keep your professional conversations flowing. The new messaging smart response feature utilizes more AI tools like machine learning and more sophisticated natural language processing. Click here to watch the demo!

Have you used any of these new social media features? What are your thoughts on them? Let us know in the comments! Make sure to check back next month for more social media updates so you can stay in the know!

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