Part 2: All About Influencer Marketing – 5 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs Influencers

Marketing Buzzword of 2017: #Influencer. Influencers have taken over the digital marketing space this year. If you’re on the fence about whether or not partnering with an Influencer is the right move for your business, here are the 5 reasons why you need to tap into this marketing magic:

1. Authentic Content

Influencers have the ability to take your product or service and present it to their followers in a way that is authentic, original and on brand. Say goodbye to the stale and dated online ads and pop-ups. Within the social media space, the lines between original and paid content have been blurred – so much so, that most paid Influencer ads fit seamlessly into the feed.

2. Active Audience

Exposure, exposure, exposure. Do you ever log into your social media during commercial breaks? Or while riding in the back of an Uber or Lyft? Or while in an awkward elevator? Or simply while lounging on the couch? We’re guessing the answer is yes. Think about all of the times that you log into your social media profiles. The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, according to a study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix. Talk about an active audience. Your Influencers have a captivated and active audience at their fingertips.

3. Target Your Ideal Customers

According to R2iNSITES, “51% of marketers report that they acquire better customers through Influencer marketing than other channels and have the ability to reach varied and diverse audiences. Beyond just B2C marketing, 84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral.”

4. Build Trust

Trust is huge. Users typically see Influencers as a trustworthy and reputable source – as they generally follow them for tips and inspiration. If an Influencer loves and backs your product or service, the followers are likely to as well. Resulting in an instant trust in your product or service.

5. Impressive ROI

Though ROI can be tough to measure at times, it is a breeze when going through an Influencer! A 2016 study that revealed that Influencer Marketing generates 11 times the ROI of traditional digital marketing. No business can afford to turn down an 11-times greater ROI on marketing spend! (TapInfluence with Nielsen Catalina Solutions).

Convinced on using an Influencer, but don’t know where to start? Drop us an email or a DM today to get connected with an Influencer! 


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