Art of the Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid: the lastest 6-9 posted photos on you Instagram account (AKA – your introduction)

Ever wonder how your favorite Instagrammers have the most perfectly curated Instagram Grids? They most likely follow these 3 simple tips! Try them yourself and take your Insta Grid from drab to fab:


One thing to keep in mind when posting is your color scheme. Something as little as using the same filter on all of your posts will help create a cohesive look to your grid. Some of our favorite third-party editing Apps are:

Image from iOS (7).png


Calling all organization and planning freaks…we’ve got the App for you! Meet UNUM – the ultimate Grid planning App. With UNUM, it’s simple to tell your story exactly the way you want to. Their visual planner allows you to see your photos as they’d appear on Instagram. Do all of your editing, writing, rearranging, and drafting without the hassle of switching between different apps. (Plus, it’s free!)


Don’t be afraid to Archive old photos that don’t fit your Instagram aesthetic! The Archive feature allows you to hide photos from your feed without deleting them. That way if you change your mind, simply go to your Archive tab, choose the photo, and click “Show on Profile”, and the photo is back on your grid. You’ve got 3 seconds to impress potential followers, so say buh-bye to images that throw off your grid.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! Let us know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks for making your Insta Grid look flawless.

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