Social Media New Features – December 2017

Another month (and year) comes to a close. Check out some of the biggest updates and changes we saw on our favorite social media platforms this past December:


  • Facebook has launched a Snooze button that allows users to “snooze” a person, Page, or group for 30 days.
  • Facebook Messenger got an update this month where users can now import their Instagram contacts to Messenger. This allows the two platforms to be even more intertwined and helps with efforts of cross-promoting.


  • Possibly the biggest update to Instagram was the feature that gives us the ability to Archive & Highlight Stories. Now, Instagram will automatically save your posted Stories to your archive section, where you can now toggle back and forth between posts and stories. The Highlight section has now been added right under your bio, where you can create collections of your favorite posted stories. This is a great tool for businesses to use because they could highlight different aspects or offerings of their business!Untitled design
  • You can now Follow Hashtags. Instead of searching through the vast lands of your favorite hashtags, Instagram will now serve you the best quality and most recent posts within the hashtag in your home feed.
  • Instagram has really been pushing their Live Stories feature by how many updates they have made to it recently. You are now able to share live video through direct messages. This includes your own live videos or one you are watching. There’s no doubt that we are only going to see more updates to Live Stories in 2018.sharelivestories
  • Instagram has introduced Recommended For You into the home feed. Before, you would find these recommended posts on the explore page. Now, they are clearly marked as “recommended for you” while scrolling through your feed.


  • After much testing & rumors, Twitter officially launched Threads. Creating long-form chain tweets called Tweetstorms has been popular for a while in the Twitter community, and this new feature makes it easier for users to create them.


So there you have it! Check back next month to see what’s new and exciting in the social media realm!

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