The Right Fit: Social Media Manager

It’s 2018, and by now almost everyone can agree that social media plays a HUGE role in a company’s marketing strategy. But behind every strategy is a person putting in the work. Does your company have the right person guiding your business down the marketing path to profit? Here are some of the key things to look for when hiring a Social Media Manager.


Social Media is an ever-changing game. From the constant updates to the trends – it takes a special kind of person to stay on top of it all. Look for someone who not only understands social media from a basics level but also understands social from a business mindset and can show ROI.


Creativity is key when it comes to social media. Your consumers don’t want to see sales pitch after sales pitch on social media. Look for someone who can not only help you sell your product or service, but also engage your customers to foster authentic relationships.


Going back to the first point, social media changes frequently – so you need to find someone that can react well to change. And while this is a great trait, being adaptable can mean so many different things when it comes to social media management. Does he/she know how to adapt your content between platforms? Can he/she speak in multiple different tones? Can he/she access what’s working and what’s not, and pivot? Check out some of their past work to see if they have proof of their adaptability.


Now this one is near and dear to us. Social has evolved well past the days of posting on the fly. Today, nearly all successful businesses we see using social media have a strategy and theme tying together their monthly campaigns. So before hiring a social media manager, ask them how they stay organized. Do they use content calendars? Do they schedule posts in advance to save precious time and money? How do they stay on top of their day to day responsibilities?

That Special Something

The last thing to look for is what we call that “Special Something.” We like to compare it to dating. When you left the interview, did you feel like there was a connection? Are you excited to hear from that person again? Were you impressed by the person? Do you see a future with that person? If you answered yes to all of those, chances are they have that “Special Something.”

Finding the right fit can be difficult. The right fit of a shoe, the right fit jeans, or even the right fit for your company. We’ve all been there…the struggle can be real. But it doesn’t have to be! Contact us today to see if we are the right fit for your business:


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