Community Management: How to Improve your Engagement on Social Media

In our latest post, we told you about the things you should look for when searching for a Social Media Manager. But, what does an SMM do exactly? Well, we do a lot, but a big component of our job is community management. Community management should be a critical part of your social media strategy. If you’re not actively managing your social community, then that could be the reason you are seeing low engagement (read our blog post about other mistakes you may be making that kill your engagement).

Community management goes way past liking comments your followers leave. It takes time and strategy to manage your social community in a way that fosters growth. The more channels you would like to be active on, the more planning it takes.

Why community management is important:

Somewhere along the road, people forgot that social media is meant to be social. If you are trying to build a community around your brand, product, or service, you must start engaging with the people you want to have as customers! With the difficulties that social algorithms place on businesses, time spent engaging is more important than ever. Letting followers comments go unanswered or not engaging with their content will undoubtedly result in unfollows.

How community management can benefit your business:

  • Reach new customers. When you dedicate time to your outreach on social media, you get the chance to introduce yourself to new potential customers!
  • Give excellent customer service – in real time. Social media allows customers to interact with their favorite brands in an instant. If a customer is having a problem, chances are they will reach out on social media. You can quickly supply them with information or a solution to their problem, resulting in brand loyalty!
  • Get feedback. On social media, you have the chance to ask your followers (and customers) questions. What do they think of your product? How has it helped them? Are there any problems you need to fix? What do they need that you could provide? What kind of content do they want to see? Take all of this information and adjust your strategy.

Top three tactics we use to manage our client’s communities:

  • Internal: Engage with existing community to build loyalty.
  • Connect: Like content and thoughtfully respond to comments.
  • Outreach: Follow and build relationships with like-minded pages and people.


If you would like to learn more about community management, don’t hesitate to reach out! Sign up for a free social media consultation with us today.



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