How To Use Trello For Your Social Media Content Calendar

Do you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to come up with social media posts for your business? Are you sending out e-blasts on the fly? If so, there is a good chance that you aren’t capitalizing on your content marketing plan! Creating a content calendar for your business’s marketing plan is extremely crucial to your success. It helps keep you organized, ensures that your messages stay consistent, and guarantees that every post is a true representation of your brand.

You can use content calendars for all of your digital marketing efforts such as social media posts, blog posts, email communications, YouTube videos… you name it! There are numerous scheduling platforms that offer this capability as well, but unfortunately can come at a high price point and don’t offer customizability. That’s where Trello became a key player for us. We use Trello to organize many facets of our digital marketing plan, but in this post, we’re going to dive into how we use it for our social media calendars:

First, a little bit on why we love Trello for content calendars…

Intended to be used as a project management platform, Trello is extremely customizable. On your home screen, you can create different boards for different accounts. Each board is laid out in columns, where you can create cards within. In each card, you can tag team members, create checklists, add identifying labels, create due dates, and add attachments. These cards can be easily dragged and dropped to different columns, which is great for organizing posts in an order that makes sense.

Note: Trello does not post on your behalf like social media schedulers do. We use it solely to coordinate our content in a way that is visual and organized. This allows for us to send our boards to clients so that we can gain approval before posting.

Now, how we use Trello…

For each client, we create a board. As an example, here is SAMI’s Q1 Instagram board:

SAMI Social Trello Content Calendar

As you can see, we always start with a Label Key. This key allows for our team members to collaborate easily. If this was a client’s board, they can easily use the labels to let us know when they approve of a post or if it need edits. Here is an example of labels we would use:

SAMI Social Trello Content Calendar_Label Key

We set our columns up for the different weeks of each month. Within each week, we lay out each post as a separate card. We attach the image we want to use and add the caption to the header. When you click on the card, you can see the all of the different features available. Here, you can change/add the labels, add comments for team members, and more.

SAMI Social Trello Content Calendar_Card

Once posts are approved, they are ready to be scheduled!

Creating content is no easy task and can be extremely time-consuming, but with the help of a great content calendar, your business can stress less and post with ease! Contact us today for assistance, we offer free consultations to new clients!

Do you have a favorite tool for organizing your content? Leave us a comment letting us know what it is!

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