A Note From Our Owner: Buzzwords That Should Die

I’m pretty sure it’s just because I’m over the age of 30 (okay… 40….. or….), but Buzzwords are this thing in business that resonates with me like a mosquito that shows up on a muggy day and won’t go away. No matter how many times you swat at it and try to squish it. Often, I find myself wondering how they even get started? Then, I find myself wondering how long we have to suffer through their longevity. Last, I’m reminded that even though they go away for a time, they often come back around… once people have forgotten them… as if they were some new hip original term… and we have to go through the whole process again.

Just to be clear, I’m all for coming up with new and innovative ways to say or state something (I mean, of course… I’m a lifelong marketer), but there is so much information showing up on the “digital highway” that I quite frankly can’t keep up with, I’m really starting to miss the old adage: “Just say it” (or as I like to say “spare me the rhetoric and get to the point”).

Here are a few words I’d like to see go away… at least for now (wishful thinking…I know):

1. Influencer.

Really… isn’t EVERYONE an “influencer” to some degree? I mean… we all have an opinion. We all share those perspectives and opinions. Once upon a time, it was called “word of mouth marketing”. Well, I guess it still is WOMM… there’s just a keyboard in between us now. I think the term is more of a trend. A trend… that I sense we will see being called yet something else within the next couple of years.

Speaking of “trend…”

2. Trending.

EVERYTHING is a trend at some point. How did this become a “buzzword”?

3. Curate.

Ummmmm… this was meant for museums and art galleries. Needs to be left in its original industry. Just my humble opinion.

4. Disruptor.

I actually adore the meaning of disruptor (to think different, be different), but the word has a negative connotation and we have enough negativity in the world today. There has to be a nicer way to say “changing the status quo”.

5. Millenial.

Even the “millennials” that work at Infuze are annoyed by this title. Just like any generational identification, it sticks everyone born in a certain decade into a box. This couldn’t be more unfair. These young’uns (who won’t be young forever) will change and ebb and flow into dynamically different people as they grow up (just like the rest of us have) and the tag and title won’t be relevant any longer. Plus… I’m super tired of seeing speakers on the docket with tired presentations about “how to work with the millennials”. Time to move on from this one and just call them bright and innovative young minds.

And last…but not least….

6. Buzzword.

The term sounds annoying. And it is. (Remember the mosquito)

I know I’m old-fashioned (to a degree), but I would love to see terms like Hip (fashionable), Cool (clever), Wicked (awe-inspiring), and Mayberry (simple) come back into play.

Maybe I’ll become a “disruptor” that will create a new “trend” for “millennials” where they can “curate” new “buzzwords” to put “influencers” out of business.

Or not…

Until Next Time…

The Boomer

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