The Reason Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Delivering

You’ve decided to spend money on Facebook Ads, but after spending a chunk of change – you’re not getting the results that you’d like to see. Here are some of the reasons why your ad might not be performing to the best of its ability:

1. Budget

It’s just as easy to under-spend as it is to over-spend on Facebook. Your ad performance hinges on finding the sweet spot when it comes to your budget. Ultimately, the more you spend, the more results you will get. But if your targeting is off, you can spend WAY too much for way too little results. That’s why it’s important to do your research before placing your ad. We always recommend starting on the lower end of your budget, and working your way up every week/month until you find that sweet spot. 

2. Duration

With Facebook, longer isn’t always better! We have found that it’s better to run multiple ads for a shortened increment of time. Businesses make the mistake of running the same ad for weeks – and sometimes months! For us, that’s a big no-no. Users can get tired of seeing the same ad over and over again. Short spurts can bring great results.

3. Messaging & Imagery

What does your advertisement look like? Are you using a grabbing image? Is your content enticing? Does it have a Call-to-Action? We see advertisements daily that are lacking these simple things. Don’t rely on stock imagery – instead invest in some custom imagery from SAMI Social. Get to the point within your ad. Remove the “fluff” and write straight-forward content. You have 1-2 seconds to grab attention with your ad. Make it memorable with what you say, how you say it, and how you show it.

4. Targeting & Re-Targeting

With Facebook, it’s all about targeting and re-targeting. Ads live and die your targeting. Make sure to ask yourself these following questions:

  • Demographics:
    • What age is my ideal audience? Check past advertisements and find out who is responding to your ads. Maybe your target audience is 32-43 year olds. Make that specific in your targeting.
    • What gender is my ideal audience? Do mainly women respond to your ads? Or mainly men? Is it a 50/50 split?
  • Location:
    • Are you trying to broadly target users on Facebook? Are you only trying to reach users in California? Maybe only in Sacramento, CA? Specify that when you are placing your ad. You have the ability to target down to the city.
  • Interests:
    • Are your interests too specific? Are they not specific enough? It is extremely important to try different combinations of interests. Every combination will result in a different outcome. Before placing your ad, check the meter on the right (within Ad Manager) to see how those interests impact your results. You could add an interest that increases your results by 100+ – inversely, you can also add an interest that can decrease your results. Take your time on this step!
  • Timing:
    • What is the best time to run your ad? What day is best? Weekday or weekend? You can view all of this information by tapping into your past campaign analytics.
    • Should I run my ad 24/7 or on a schedule? We’d also recommend referring back to your analytic reports.

5. Trial and Error

With Facebook Ads, it’s important to try, try, and try again. Start off small. Place a $20 advertisement and find out what people are responding to. Have you targeted the right audience? Are you using the correct ad objective? How is your interest targeting? Learn from what worked for you, and what didn’t.

And if all else fails, call up your team at Infuze Marketing. Our Facebook Ad experts create successful campaigns at reasonable rates. Email us at for more information.


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