How Zoom Has Changed Our Team Meetings Forever!

Technology. Can’t live with it, but most certainly can’t live without it. Although some may argue that technology is the root to many of our troubles, we beg to differ. At one time, the only way to get anything done would be to be in person. In business, this meant lot’s of plane flights, driving time, and without a doubt, living in the same city that your job was located.

Fast forward to the last 5 years, we live in a world where your geographical location is just a dot on the map, providing very low  hindrance on your success. Companies are hiring employees for remote positions all around the world because our technology has allowed us to. We now have the freedom to live, do, and be whoever we want to be, regardless of the location of our job.

We are a huge fan of these technology advancements due to that fact that one of our main Account Managers works remotely in Southern California, while our company is based out of Northern California. Some of you may ask… “But doesn’t she miss the face to face interaction in the office?” or  “Phone calls just don’t get the same job done as they do during in-person meetings.” And the answer is “Yes and yes.” You will probably never be able to replace the authenticity and connection that occurs when you are in person, however, technology has given us the tools and tactics to help bridge that distance gap.

What’s one of our favorite tools?  Zoom. For those of you who may not know what Zoom is, it is a video conferencing platform that allows you to video call whomever you would like. Think Skype, but better. You can share screens, add in as many people as you’d like to the call, draw on your screen, chat, host webinars, and much more. Zoom has allowed our team to stay connected with one another on so many different levels. It’s given us the ability to stay connected with our remote account managers and to not lose the connection between the entire team.

One of the most efficient and beneficial things that we have found to help us be successful as a company is our weekly team meetings every Wednesday, over a Zoom call. This allows the team to drop everything they’re doing, gather together in the conference room and go over projects, tasks and due dates. This also helps our team stay transparent and hold one another accountable for items before they have the chance to slip through the cracks.  Thanks to Zoom, team meetings are now our favorite part of the week!

So that we’ve told you how Zoom has helped enhance our team meetings, you should  give it a try!


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