Updates & Upgrades: The Latest Changes From Facebook & Instagram

Digital platforms are ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up on the latest and greatest updates. That’s where we come in! Check out the biggest updates made to your favorite social platforms in June 2019.


Facebook announced a few game changing updates in June:

Study from Facebook: Facebook wants to hear from you! In an effort to collect Market research, Facebook created Study – a tool that will pay users for their data and feedback while using Facebook owned apps. Facebook noted, “We believe this work is important to help us improve our products for the people who use Facebook.” Learn more and sign up here.


Algorithm: The algorithm has been updated once again. Facebook surveyed a sampling of users to find out why they are on Facebook, and what they are looking to see when they login. The answers curved this new algorithm update. Facebook announced, “Using these survey results, we have updated our algorithm to prioritize the Pages and groups we predict an individual may care about most. Some of the indicators of how meaningful a Page or group is might include how long someone has followed a Page or been a part of a group; how often someone engages with a Page or group; and how often a Page or group posts.” So what does this mean for your business? It means you might notice an uptick in reach – as Facebook is now going to give a bit more priority to your Page and groups.

Comment Ranking: Have you ever noticed that comments under posts aren’t always chronological? That’s because Facebook first showcases the comment they think you want to see. This new update incorporates changes to the ranking system. Specifically, it will give comments a higher ranking if they 1) have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted; or 2) the comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted.

Calibra: Facebook is entering the world of cryptocurrency! Calibra, a newly formed Facebook subsidiary is in the works to launch in 2020. Its goal is to provide financial services that will let people access and participate in the Libra network. Facebook announced, “For many people around the world, even basic financial services are still out of reach: almost half of the adults in the world don’t have an active bank account and those numbers are worse in developing countries and even worse for women. The cost of that exclusion is high — approximately 70% of small businesses in developing countries lack access to credit and $25 billion is lost by migrants every year through remittance fees. This is the challenge we’re hoping to address with Calibra, a new digital wallet that you’ll be able to use to save, send and spend Libra.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as they are released!



Now time for the millennial favorite app – Instagram! Here are a few of the major updates from this past month:

Horizontal Video IGTV: If you are an IGTV’er, it’s likely that you noticed you can’t expand videos horizontally….until now! Goodbye to the days of squinting, hello to full screen viewing!


Branded Content: Instagram is THE place to be for influencers for many reasons. One of those reasons? Brand deals! This new update allows businesses to run ad campaigns from partnered creators to help them reach new audiences in an all new way!

Here’s the list of how it works.

Business accounts on Instagram can establish partnerships with specific creators, under Instagram’s “Advanced Settings.” Influencers can then enable their business partners to promote their organic posts as part of an ad campaign. The brand will be able to track the results within their Ads Manager – all while the original post remains on the Influencers page, and the brand is the one spending the $$$. Genius, right?


Small changes add up to make a big difference! What update are you most looking forward to? Let us know below!


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