The Download: Apps You Need For Your Business Travels

iTranslate Converse

So you’ve made it to your destination jet lag free but don’t speak the language? No problem! Meet the easiest, real-time translation app!

iTranslate Converse turns your iPhone and Apple Watch into a two-way translation device. The simple design enables natural conversations in 38 languages, and automatically detects the correct language between two selected languages for a fast and accurate translation.


Traveling alone? This next app is a must! The Parachute App was built to keep you safe at the click of a button!

Parachute uses your phone’s sensors to continuously record video, audio and location data during an emergency. Your evidence is then saved away from your phone, so it’s safe even if your phone is lost, taken or destroyed.

Parachute simultaneously texts, calls and emails your emergency contacts and sends them your live video, audio and location. This lets them see exactly what’s happening and react accordingly. Parachute shows you the live status of each alert that was sent out so you can see how many texts, emails and phone calls have been successfully received.

What are some of your favorite apps for when you travel? Let us know in the comments below!

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