Company Playbook  – You Don’t Get a SuperBowl Ring Without One

Years ago, we had a client ask for a vision/mission statement. Then they called and said they needed their “story” told in a way that would make it succinct and impactful.  So, we went ahead developed that.  

Weeks later they called and said “any chance you can craft talking points our sales team to ensure everyone is saying the same thing.  Off we went!   It was only when our 50th new client said “I’m sorry, we either don’t have our brand standards or we just don’t know where to find them”…

 And with that…our “company playbooks”(™) were born.  

The “aha” moment that drove us to developing these ‘Company Playbooks’, was realizing the continuous request for “one more thing.” We realized companies were putting key information into multiple files instead of one location.  Think about it: All sports have a playbook housing their key strategies, opposing potential issues and how to mitigate or respond to a particular plan.  

And here’s why it’s necessary:  All companies should have their information in ONE place so they don’t have 14 files and everyone is trying to find the right file that houses that ONE item they need right at THAT moment.   

Our playbooks range from Marketing Standards to Communication Strategies to Line of Defense for Sales.  

You think Bill Belichick keeps taking those giant rings home on his finger because he writes on a white board and everyone remembers the play?  Guaranteed he has a playbook.  

Love or hate the Patriots, that’s proof enough why your company should have one too.  

Email us today at to develop your company’s Playbook!

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