To Give or Not to Give…that is the question:

There’s this thing called Giving Tuesday.  Logically it shows up on a Tuesday.

Used to show up once a year, which made it unique.  Now it shows up numerous times throughout the year.  It’s starting to sound like “national cappuccino day” or “national horse dentistry day”.  

I get it…nonstop bombardment with “give here” and “give to us” and “don’t be stingy…just give” can be overwhelming and cause most people to just not want to give. 

But here’s why giving Tuesday is brilliant (even if it’s every other Tuesday):

It makes you remember to think of someone…anyone really…than yourself.  And sometimes in our day to day lives of survival, we forget that there are those who don’t have a family or a best friend or a community to walk alongside them in difficult times.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that our lives don’t mimic the lives of others.  And an occasional Tuesday reminder where we can effortlessly and easily donate $10 dollars (close to the cost of a specialty 16 oz coffee these days) or considerably more (depending on the blessing of your own personal good fortune) can be given through this online vehicle in the mere 5 clicks of a keyboard.  And then we’re off the hook until the next Tuesday.  

In all sincerity, I’ve never heard a person say “I feel awful after giving $ to help another human being or animal or climate cause or….”.  Never.  

So, although I personally have a desired slant to give on Sunday or Monday when I’m paying the bills, I’ve even become accustomed to the occasional “Tuesday”.  

I’m making it even easier:  Giving Tuesday is (put the date in here) and the link is (put the link in here).

And hey….thank you for your generosity.

Until next time…which might be a Friday….

The Boomer

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