What is Full Service Marketing?

Full service marketing is:

Providing every single service you can imagine within the Marketing spectrum to and for your clients.  

Now…that can mean a lot of things and with most marketing firms, it means everything within production and advertising.  But because we at Infuze are not your average/common marketing firm, we take a very different stance/approach. So instead of sharing what the standard agency does for “full service marketing”, we are going to share what WE do for our clients:

  1.  Brand development and brand strategy
  2. Develop and manage all design materials from brochures to catalogs to logos to ensure the messaging is clear and cohesive so no one has to guess who the company is.  
  3. House every single step and piece of marketing communications within a clear storage system to ensure the client has access long after we are gone.
  4. Internal analysis of the company culture and how to add/enhance/change the marketing efforts for the staff and teams so they belong to and with the company brand.
  5. Develop consistency across the board
  6. Refine/create/define ALL messaging, from email blasts, to social media campaigns, to PowerPoint presentations.
  7. Create and integrate all digital and creative technologies together to support the messaging and the brand, from videography/photography to social media to print advertising to the written word.
  8. Advise, guide, consult…on any myriad of subjects….many of which are not considered “marketing”, but to us…definitely are.  Such as organizational structures, how a job description is written to be consistent with the brand, what the interior of an office looks like to support the brand, how the voicemail is recorded to align with the company’s voice, what a good media mix looks like specific to the company (not what traditional tactics state), etc etc etc etc.  
  9. We sit in their space.  Literally. We go to our clients offices and work from there on many occasions so we can be far more integrative to their daily life, which helps us better understand everything about them, their business, their clients, their goals…because to understand them then allows us to develop their marketing from their eyes..not ours.

Marketing today is so much more than what they teach in school and what previous generations did.  Today, it’s “relational” through countless tactics. Marketing touches every single thing in a business from accounting to human resources to client relationships.  

So….full service?  Full service is about what your client needs.  At least it is for us.